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Chiropractic for Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the leading cause of disability globally. Additionally, back pain affects more than half of all working Americans. These factors combined amount to an epidemic of pain and discomfort, missed work days, and unnecessary suffering worldwide. As any chronic back pain sufferer could tell you, an aching spine can really be debilitating!

What Causes Back Pain?

There are as many causes for back pain as there are parts of your back.  You can sprain ligaments, you can injure or pull a muscle.  A joint can become irritated, a disc can rupture or slip.  While some experience back pain as the result of chronic conditions like arthritis or infections, the vast majority of back pain is mechanical, caused by everything from lifting heavy objects to sleeping in an odd position.

How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractors utilize a practice called spinal manipulation, a drug free treatment where misalignments in the spine are corrected through physical pressure and specialized massage techniques to provide patients with relief for back pain, no matter the source.

Why Ocean Chiropractic?

Dr. Steve Giltz has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1994.  With a degree from Palmer and nearly thirty years of experience, he has continued his education throughout his entire career, mastering both traditional Chiropractic practices and techniques that utilize light force, modern technology, and those that specialize in modern health concerns.

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