Dr. Steve giving a neck adjustment

Dr. Steve Giltz

Meet The Chiropractor!

Steve Giltz knows first-hand the exclusive benefits that regular chiropractic treatments can provide.  A native of the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Giltz hurt his back in his early 20s while he was helping with a home remodel.  He tried various treatments with little to no success; he turned to chiropractic and it alleviated his pain.  He made the decision to become a chiropractor and offer patients the same life-altering relief he received.​ After Dr. Glitz completed his medical and chiropractic coursework, he moved to Farmville, Virginia, in 1994.  There, he established his own chiropractic office, bringing to the area a well-rounded practice that provided outstanding chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. His all encompassing treatment care created a practice that caters to the individuals' needs, including their concerns, questions, and thoughts. Dr. Glitz  has served as a chiropractor for over twenty years and has contributed to the Virginia Beach community as an adjunct professor at Tidewater Community College in the Science department. Dr. Glitz looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you along the road to recovery and healthier living!

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